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Hotel Collection Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

Hotel collection cotton sheets are extensively considered as the premier cotton sleep experience. They are also used in upscale hotels. Here is a buying guide which explains the importance of Egyptian cotton bed sheets and why it has an outstanding reputation, why is it different from another cotton, how can you shop for the best sheets for you, and various other considerations.

Why go for Egyptian cotton?

Egyptian cotton can be termed as unique because of the reason it’s an extra long staple. It means that it has really long fibers. This instance will help the sheets softer, smoother, and durable. Also, the long fibers make much finer yarn. It makes the sheet to be softer, smoother, and durable and last for many years.

How to buy Egyptian sheets?

When you are about to shop for Egyptian bed sheets, it’s necessary to have all the details at hand to make a perfect choice. Here are some of the steps which should be taken:

There are various things which should be checked before buying the sheets. The label, manufacturer information, weave, and color options are some of them. A proper examination of these things should be done.

Ensure that they are Genuine

Egyptian cotton can be referred to the plant and the location of the region on any place it grows.

For authentic cotton sheets, you require ones from the plants grown and harvested by hand in Egypt. Also, you should be sure enough to verify the product specifications to confirm where they get plants for the cotton.

There is only 1% of the cotton which can be said to be true Egyptian. You should make sure that the Egyptian bed sheets for hotels are 100% Egyptian cotton.

Thread Count is one factor

Thread count is the main concern. There are some brands which artificially increase their thread count. There are some brands which do produce authentic and real Egyptian cotton sheets.


The weave is one of the ways that the cotton fibers are joined to make the fabric. Pinpoint, Percale, Sateen, and Twill are the 4 weave patterns of Egyptian sheets.

Percale: The weave threads are one over the other thread. It is done in a symmetrical pattern. There have a matte finish and provide you with a crisp feel. They are long-lasting.
Sateen: The weave is three over and one is under the pattern. It results in a heavier and provides smooth feeling. It is softer, but also it wears faster.
Pinpoint: Made with two threads over and one thread under and has higher durability but with softness.
Twill: The weave is made in an offset pattern. This weave is soft, furry and warm.

Go for a color or pattern which properly blends with your home décor

There are different brands which offer limited colors. The traditional colors are white and off-white or gray.

We offer you with different patterns and designs of the cotton sheets. Also, we provide you with the best Hotel collection Egyptian cotton sheets in town. Shop today and get the best affordable Egyptian sheets in the town.

Purchase today and brighten your home with the beautiful bed sheets.

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